Temporary Closure

Hello Squamish,

Due to the current Health Advisory with the Corona Virus; COVID-19, we’re taking extra precautions and closing the clinic temporarily.

It’s important that each of us do everything we can to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this virus. This includes taking drastic social distancing measures, and staying home when we can. The nature of our paramedical services are most often not critical care and include some degree of risk with close proximity and contact. As such, we believe it is in everyone’s best interest that we cease to operate until we see a consistent decline in the rate of transmission.

We want to help keep everyone safe, reduce risk to the elderly and immunocompromised individuals in our community, and minimize the possible strain on our medical resources in Squamish. Effective immediately we are cancelling appointments and will monitor the situation weekly, based on current circumstances and our Health Authority’s recommendations. Online booking may be available with your therapist for following weeks, but be aware that we may choose to remain closed and if so will notify and cancel any appointments booked during that time.

To be notified of our re-opening date, please contact your therapist directly and they will let you know when they are feeling confident it’s safe to get back to work. You can also check your therapist’s online schedule to see if they have any future appointments available for booking, with the understanding that appointments may be cancelled any time.

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Please understand that this is not a decision we make lightly, nor is it one we make in a panic. The evidence presented by our Health Authority shows that the best course of action is to encourage social distancing for all non-essential activities. It is with a very heavy heart that we make this decision and we do appreciate your understanding. We wish you the very best of health and look forward to seeing you on the other end of this.


Your Eaglewind Team

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