How Can We Help?

Hello Squamish,

We are missing working with you at Eaglewind Health!

Being there with you as you reach your goals in health is why we got into this line of work, and we hope you’re taking care and feeling inspired to continue growing and healing through all of this. 

We’ve been trying to think of ways that we can continue to be part of the healing process of our community, please click the headings below to see what we’ve come up with so far. 

We will update as we think of more things we can do to help, and as we get more ideas from you, our community!

If you have suggestions of how we can help you or a charity or population in our town, please email Amy at

Help For You & Our Community

We have been thinking of ways we can stay connected and help you as an individual, as well as our community as a whole, and especially those who may need it most. Here are some things we’ve come up with, please let us know if you think there is another way we can help you, or a specific charity or population in our community.

Monita Triplett RA.c RHN is offering Natural Health Consultations

This is for anyone who is in pain and needs suggestions on natural relief, suggestions for stress management & anxiety/depression, supplement questions or any nutrition related questions. This is not medical advice and/or diagnosis. and if you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus or any other questionable disease, please contact your doctor. Consultations are for a minimum $20 donation, all proceeds go to Squamish Helping Hands. Please contact Monita for more details. 

Amy Carr-Hilton RMT is offering General Comfort Self-Care Videos

These videos are not medical advice, but are intended to help ease the discomfort of the changed daily routine that comes with our current stress and isolation. They will include stretching and strengthening exercises and self massage tips with foam rollers and tennis balls. Video routines are for a minimum $10 donation, all proceeds go to Squamish Helping Hands. Please email Amy at  with some details about the discomfort you’re feeling at this time and your phone number. Amy will give you a call to discuss further and you will receive the videos by email.

Sheena Choy RMT, Maja Duncan RMT & Amy Carr-Hilton RMT are offering gift cards online for future RMT services.

15% of each sale will go to Squamish Helping Hands and you will have priority access to booking your appointments when it is safe for us to open our doors again.

Purchase a gift card with Amy Carr-Hilton RMT

Purchase a gift card with Maja Duncan RMT

Purchase a gift card with Sheena Choy RMT

We also urge you, if you are able during this time, to purchase gift cards for your favourite restaurants, allied health services, and other businesses in town. We want to see all our local businesses ready to open their doors, support our community and thrive again when this has run it’s course!

Self-Care Tips During Isolation

As we navigate this period of forced introversion (easier for some than others) we thought you might like some self-care help. This may seem pretty basic, but there may be a day when you find something on this list very helpful:

Get out of bed. After the initial wallow, don’t stay in your PJ’s all day. Getting up, washing your face, getting dressed, all of these things set your tone for the day and help you feel a sense of normalcy.

Make a list of things you have always wanted to learn to do. Find out which of those things you have the resources for in your house right now. Have you been hoarding crafting supplies for when you have time? You want to learn a language? Resources to learn these things will be available online, likely for free. You’re going to have time.

Cook good food. Even if you didn’t get to stock up a lot, google some of your ingredients and try something new. Include your kids in this…not as an ingredient, even if you are homeschooling.

Exercise. HIIT workouts, Qi Gong, Yoga. There are all sorts of no-equipment exercises out there. Google is your friend.

Breathe. If ever there was a time to slow down and breathe, this is it.

Get fresh air. If you have a yard, get out there. If you don’t, stick your head out the window. Crack the window and sit in the sunshine.

If you have access to plants or a yard, garden, plant, turn some dirt. If it’s a house plant, wipe the leaves and pet your plant. Seriously. (Obviously not for cactus.)

Meditate. Get to know who you are and what makes you tick. For those of you who pray, pray in a way that comforts you.

Talk to the people in your house. Find out what their hopes and dreams are. Find out what their fears are. And talk about these things.

If you have work stuff to do, great, do it. But don’t obsess. This is a time to learn other things about yourself.

Let. The. Bill. Stress. Go. Yes, that’s easier said than done. Yes, we are ALL stressed and maxxed out. Here’s the thing, half the world will be in the same boat. Plans will be rolled out. Yes, be aware of those plans but seriously, this part will get worked out. Breathe, again.

Pull out your candles. Pull out your china. Pull out the good glassware. Find ways to celebrate.

Make a to-do list and rename it a TA-DA list. When you cross something off, exclaim, “TA-DA!” Sounds silly and it will still make you feel better.

Pull out your musical instruments. Dust off your voice. Start singing and jamming, even if you think you’re bad. You’re going to have time to get better.

Reach out for help if you need it. This goes for everything: emotional, mental, food, …

Be silly. Dance, laugh, make funny animal noises. No one is watching.

Ration your treats. Even if you bake, still ration your treats.

As weird as it sounds, this is a prime time to reinvent yourself. Do you wish something in your life was different? You’ve got time to change it. Want to lose weight? Want to quit drinking or smoking? Want to change careers? This is the time to start. Make a plan, modify it, make another plan. Honestly, if we’re all under the same impetus of social distancing the FOMO will go away soon.

On the FOMO note, unplug. Don’t spend all your time online or in front of the TV. Read. Write. Draw,…

Check on your neighbours. Check on your friends who are front-line workers and find out how you can help them, responsibly. Take care of each other.

This is a scary time. Sit with that. Get comfortable with that as a fact. Make a list of what scares you. See if there is anything on that list that you have any control over and work to change it. Let the rest go.

Hydrate. Wash your hands with soap. Don’t touch your face. Sanitize your doorknobs, taps, etc…

Breathe again. 


Keep Up To Date, Calmly

We believe that knowledge is a key component in feeling confident and at ease with the choices we make as individuals in a global society. Keeping up to date does not mean following every rumour you hear on social media. Let yourself be informed of the facts, and even then, let it be a small part of your day… not the whole day.

If you’re interested in the science behind what COVID-19 is then please read these scientific papers:

WHO Database Global Research COVID-19

To keep yourself updated with the news and protocol pertaining to COVID-19:

World Health Organization

Coronavirus Awareness Canada

BC Centre for Disease Control

HealthLink BC

Travel Advisory