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Registered acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, traveler, explorer of all things nourishing.


For 10 years+ I struggled with a long list of chronic health complaints and illness. Hormonal imbalances, acne, PMS, anxiety, digestion issues, autoimmune disorders, addictions and depression to name a few. After years of following a conventional medical approach and being on countless antibiotics, and pills I decided to chose a different path that would transform my life.  It became clear to me that in order to fully heal I needed to learn how to take care and nourish my body.  So I made the decision to enrol in a Chinese medicine program and that started my healing journey….

I graduated from a 4 year Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Program at Shang Hai TCM College and am registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners of British Columbia.(CTCMA). I have also completed additional programs in Holistic Nutrition, myofascial massage, functional medicine, injection therapy, phlebotomy, Birth Doula, Counselling Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.

I’m passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based & effective. Sessions with me are unique because I combine the healing methods I have learned with functional medicine to bring each patient personalized and comprehensive care.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my daughter Kali, travelling abroad, Reading and enrolling in courses to expand my skillset, cooking and teaching others about health and nutrition.

What People Are Saying

Monita is absolutely awesome. My son visited her and within three visits his intestinal issues are under control. Her ability to diagnose the issue is excellent and her ability to use multiple techniques (massage, acupuncture, reflexology, nutrition) puts her leaps and bounds ahead of others who can only support through one modality. My son’s experience was so positive I decided to see her about the leg cramps I have had for more than ten years. On the second visit she determined the issue wasn’t my calf muscles at all but rather due to pooling and poor circulation behind my knee that was cramping the calves. After that visit (massage, cupping, acupuncture) I haven’t had even one cramp for the first time in TEN YEARS! I could not give Monitta a higher recommendation. Angie M.

Initially, I went to see Monita to help me with my nutrition. She has not only proved to be an excellent resource for nutrition, she is a knowledgeable and skilled acupuncturist, and was able to make key connections about my health. She knows her stuff! I am so grateful to Monita for helping me. Vanessa J.

I was in a car accident 1 year ago and I have been in some form of treatment 5 days a week since that occurred. I learned more about my injuries in one session than in the 100’s of hours of time I’ve spent with other practitioners. Monita is highly educated in a wide variety of knowledge pertaining to health, you can tell how passionate she is by the detail she puts in to her analysis/diagnoses. This was just my first appointment with Monita, but I already feel far more confidence that my rehab is headed in the right direction finally. Wes M.

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