About Us

Eaglewind Health is a team of healthcare practitioners offering registered massage therapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture and holistic nutrition. We are passionate about helping you experience your best possible health. Whether you are recovering from an injury, working with a chronic condition, seeking maintenance during training, need help with hormone and stress management or dietary issues, we want to help you reach your goals!

Why Eaglewind Health?

Therapists who understand what you're going through

We are also active in our hobbies, juggling personal life with work, and have had times when we needed a little help looking after our health in the midst of all the busyness life has for us.

Evidence-based therapy for safe, effective care

To accomodate a wide range of health history and treatment goals we keep up to date with evidence-based therapy and study with some of the world’s leaders in healthcare.

Online Booking And Virtual Reception Available 24/7

It’s frustrating having to play phone tag to make an appointment. With us you can book online 24/7 and call or email your therapist directly for accurate answers to your questions.

Direct Billing For Major Extended Medical Policies

Why go through the hassle of submitting receipts for reimbursement if you don’t have to? With our RMTs you pay only what your insurance doesn’t cover.

Meet Your Team

Registered Acupuncture & Holistic Nutrition

Monita Triplett, RA.c, RHN

After years of following a conventional medical approach and being on countless antibiotics, and pills for a long list of chronic health complaints I decided to chose a different path that would transform my life. It became clear to me that in order to fully heal I needed to learn how to take care and nourish my body. Read Monita’s full bio…

Sunday: 8AM – 5PM, Thursday: 9AM – 2PM

Registered Massage Therapy

Sheena Choy, RMT

I first experienced the healing benefits of massage therapy while receiving treatment for my own snowboarding injuries. In treatment I use deep tissue and relaxation massage, trigger point release, and joint mobilization, among other techniques. I am especially interested in treating sports-related and repetitive strain injuries. Read Sheena’s full bio…

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 2:30PM – 8:30PM, Saturday: 11AM – 5PM

Maja Duncan, RMT, CSCS

I started my journey to becoming a hands on therapist years ago when I was taught by my coaches to use massage with the horses I trained. Today I utilize my knowledge of therapeutic and relaxation massage, also drawing on my education as a Certified Strength and Condition Coach (CSCS), to restore the body so it can function optimally. Read Maja’s full bio…

Tuesday & Thursday: 2:30PM – 8:30PM, Friday: 8AM – 2PM

Catherine Cartwright, RMT

I began my career as an RMT after years of competitive swimming at a National Level, and graduated from the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of BC in 2009. This has led me to work with athletes up to the Olympic level. In treatment I focus on sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial and sports related injuries. Read Catherine’s full bio…

Monday & Thursday: 2:30PM – 8:30PM, Tuesday & Wednesday: 8AM – 2PM

Amy Carr-Hilton, RMT

As a registered massage therapist with a background in yoga and fitness, my passion for educating people in preventative and rehabilitative self-care has led me to pursue training in fitness and exercise psychology, yoga therapy, sports massage therapy, neurokinetic therapy, pain science and pediatric massage. Read Amy’s full bio…

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 2PM

What People Are Saying

Maja was amazing! She took the time to understand the history of all my concerns and previous sport injuries. Maja was very knowledgeable and provided a solid treatment plan. The massage was great and she gave me a few stretches to do at home and provided answers to my many questions. She is knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and strong. Jen D.

Amy has been working with me to deal with a sporadic muscle issue in my back. She has approached my issue through questioning and systematic problem solving. Part of my hesitation with going to an RMT was that I would simply feel “better” after the treatment, and have no long term improvement. My symptoms have improved through the process with Amy, and I’ve learned how to mitigate them when I can. It is evident that she truly wants to understand the roots of your ailment and find a dynamic solution. Dylan S.

Monita has been a huge influence in my life and health. She gave me answers that I have been trying to get for years and ordered me the necessary tests I needed to see what was going on. She helped me Iose 25 pounds and balance my hormones. I Highly recommended her for anyone wishing to improve their overall health and attain optimal wellness. Sharon S.

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Have questions? Give us a call at 604-390-0303 or send us an email so we can help you find the best possible treatment. You can email your therapist directly to answer specific treatment and booking questions, or leave a general inquiry.

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38220 Eaglewind Blvd, Squamish, BC V8B 0T2

Plenty of parking can be found along the south end of Eaglewind Blvd, with accessible parking for those with a disability on the round-a-bout in front of the 55+ activity center. Please do not park on the round-a-bout directly in front of us as you may be towed!

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